Pauline Rima is an artist based between Paris and Caen.

She graduated from the School of Arts and Media in Caen / Cherbourg. These past exhibitions include ” Glue Eyes ”, project space curated by Arnaud Deschin & Lauren Coullard at Colletot (2017), Discover on Maison Contemporain all of her available artworks.


Madeleine Calafell.

Born in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Madeleine Calafell is a young artist who graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Her artistic practice explores the links between Africa and Europe where she shared her existence.

Laureate of the Joseph Epstein sculpture prize awarded by the Fondation de France to the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2021, she lives and works in Paris.

Creating is a vital necessity for her. She is positive, determined and passionate. The artist is inspired by sketched memories, of Alpha Blondy, Die Antwoord, Kader Attia, William Kentridge, Roger Ballen, the sad and joyful fantasy of brass bands, post-slavery codes, decolonization, the ZEF movement and apartheid.

Madeleine Calafell / Online Viewing Room

Leïla Guinnefollau.

Born in 1992, Leïla Guinnefollau is a French artist living in Copenhagen. She holds an MFA from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (2016) and has studied in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2015)
Through her work, Leïla Guinnefollau always questions spaces and more particularly living spaces.

This research leads her to peel them and work methodically on different parts that composes them : stairs, window, bed…
Today she works on a larger scale and explores the window in a different way, as it is in the windows of Danish department stores that Leïla Guinnefollau exhibits her work. She also collaborates with many Danish jewelry stores and designers.

Her latest exhibition SPRING, MY LOVE in the windows of ILLUM is a celebration of spring.

Leïla Guinnefollau / Online Viewing Room

Aïda Bruyère.

Aïda Bruyère grew up in Mali. It was at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, at the Sirjacq studio that his practice of printed images was asserted.

A plastic artist with broad practice, she seeks to dissect and sublimate the popular aesthetics on the fringes that shape mainstream culture.

Aïda Bruyère is one of these intrepid warriors: nail art, bootyshake, makeup….

These pop and feminine objects are to be understood one by one as the different weapons that constitute the artillery of uncompromising mass feminism.

Mathilda Portoghese.

Aïda Bruyère / Online Viewing Room


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