Discover new established and emerging artists, Maison Contemporain.

Discover our Maison Contemporain selection of over 6,000 works of art in all disciplines including paintings, photographs, editions and works on paper, sculptures, and mixed media.


Maison Contemporain x Instagram.

Follow us on Instagram to discover all our news on the artists and designers represented on Maison Contemporain.

Maison contemporain x Instagram

Maison Contemporain x Museum TV.

Discover now on the Museum TV platform a selection of 10 emerging artists represented on our market-place Maison Contemporain.

Maison contemporain x Museum TV

Maison Contemporain x Vanity Fair.

VANITY FAIR is devoting its fourth edition to French creativity in partnership with the Fondation de France to celebrate the French spirit.

Maison contemporain x Vanity Fair
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