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Discover on Maison contemporain all the available photographs of the artist Robin Cerutti.

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Gaëtan Henrioux

My pleasure.

“Love, and do what you want”
Saint Augustin.

Discover on Maison contemporain the latest critical text written on the artist by Elora Weill-Engerer, Art critic / Curator of the latest exhibition Maison contemporain, Member of the AICA (International Association of Art Critics).

Gaëtan Henrioux / Online Viewing Room

Hugo Schüwer Boss

Open stage.

“The paintings of Hugo Schüwer Boss oppose an end of inadmissibility to a precise and deadly definition of the image”.

Proof of this is the wide palette used and the diversity of treatments: removed brushstrokes, color gradients, solvents, more or less reveal the support and the material.

Hugo Schüwer Boss / Online Viewing Room

Audrey Galais

“The white Ophelia floats like a large lily”

Arthur Rimbaud, Ophélie, 1870

In Audrey Galais’s work, the imaginary tends to become real. Or the opposite. Linked by a white patina brushed with pastel colors, the raw elements assembled by the artist form fictitious landscapes between archaism and modernity. (Elora Weill-Engerer x Maison contemporain)

Audrey Galais / Online Viewing Room

Kim Bradford

“Paris plage, Gare de l’Est station” … . Exclusively on Maison contemporain, discover the latest photographic prints by artist Kim Bradford.

Kim Bradford / Online Viewing Room

Arsène Prat (Collectif Capsule)

Collectif Capsule by Antonin Dony, Eliot Dubois, Clément Lévignat, Eve Martin, Jérémy Pengam and Arsène Prat, discover the latest artworks by Arsène Prat.

Collectif Capsule / Online Viewing Room

Caroline Ebin

Caroline Ebin exposed undertakes a plastic audit. His new sources of research are financial information and information graphics.

Caroline Ebin / Online Viewing Room

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