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Éléa Jeanne Schmitter.

Éléa Jeanne Schmitter joined the Kourtrajmé school under the supervision of Ladj Ly and JR in 2020.

Éléa Jeanne Schmitter works on portraiture, the intimate, on the notion of the familiar and the invisible.

His photographic and installation work has been shown in various exhibition spaces in North America and Europe, such as the SKOL current arts center, the Livart, the FOFA gallery as well as at the Palais de Tokyo during the workshop. “So far so good” in September 2020.

Éléa Jeanne Schmitter / Online Viewing Room

Marie Larrivé.

Painter and videographer, it was during her studies at ENSAD Paris that she developed a practice of still images and moving images.

Trained in the techniques of model, traditional cartoon and painting, Marie Larrivé explores different types of narration through these media. Questions of movement and fiction are at the heart of his practice.

In 2017, the artist won the Public Prize – Science Po Prize for contemporary art for his video “Proxima B”. She subsequently participated in the “Appareiller” exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo.

Marie Larrivé’s works are selected this month in the last G.I.V.E x Vanity Fair.

Marie Larrivé / Online Viewing Room

Jose Bonell.

Born in Barcelona in 1989, Jose Bonell is a painter and editor-in-chief of the Unica Edicions project, an independent publisher of artists’ books.

José Bonell is the winner of the 2020 International Painting Prize – November in Vitry.

Often, the artist tackles sets where an emotion appears suggested through a historical or literary reference, a simple occurrence or the memory of something seen or experienced. These are common environments: organized interiors, landscapes …

Jose Bonell / Online Viewing Room

Kim Bradford

Kim Bradford engages in a protean practice that combines installation, performance, screen printing, photography and sculpture.

It is selected for the next edition of the Montrouge show.

Kim Bradford / Online Viewing Room

Guillaume Colussi.

Neither behind nor in front, but at the heart of an itinerary which is established in the concealment of the fight between the artificial and the organic, the constructed thing and the appearance, the constrained model and the autonomy, and which chooses to give the gesture its precision only for fear of offending beauty.

Guillaume Colussi / Online Viewing Room

Caroline Ebin

Caroline Ebin undertakes a plastic audit. His new sources of research are financial information and information graphics.

Caroline Ebin / Online Viewing Room

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