“Hexagone- Massy,  Géométrie des laboures ou la valse des saisons”

“Hexagone- Massy, ​​Géométrie des ploures or the waltz of the seasons”, 2019. Pencil, ink, 91 x 130 cm. 3,000 Euros (unframed)

This work is from a series called Hexagone-Massy. She is the sister of the Rapture of Vitellion or the Vitrum Trigonum which I also propose to you. When I explore a trail, I am working in a serious way. In order to be able to fully understand all the emotions involved, I study a set of proposals articulated around my notes, my emotions and my memories which are loaded with harmonies of colors, proportions, etc. From there, I am going to present a body of work to the eye. They are intrinsically linked to each other. They have the same starting point but are composed differently. I see it as chapters in a book.

To return more specifically to this drawing, he refers to another color relation observed during my wanderings in Massy-Palaiseau and more particularly to a place where one can find community gardens.

3 000 

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