“True Hands”

“True Hands”, 2020. Oil on linen. 137x137cm.

True Hands is a painting that celebrates the hands of great people who have given enormous pleasure to the world without borders, without prejudices and who speak to all and create for all. So these are real hands. I wanted to underline the gestural singularity of these true hands which multiply and unite diverse people through different places by their presence in our world.

For this purpose I have chosen figures and hand gestures through photos of two giants of music and dance. International Arts. The left figure is from a photo of great French composer and musician Maestro Pierre Boulez (1925–2018) conducting the orchestra. The right figure is from a photo of Spanish dancer and choreographer Antonio Gades (1926-2004) in choreographic action. Music and dance are universal languages ​​through singular gestures.

The script above left, which inspired this painting, is an excerpt from a letter written by the Romanian poet Paul Celan to Hans Bender in 1960: “Only true hands write true poems. I see no difference in principle between a handshake and a poem.” (Quoted in François Nicolas, La Singularité de Schoenberg, 1997.)

Poetry exists through music and dance. Music and dancing increase joy and human warmth.

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“True Hands”, 2020. Oil on linen. 137x137cm.