“Dans la boite noire avec un morceau de ciel”

Thomas Van Reghem. “In the black box with a piece of sky”, 2021. Stained glass, soot, resin, canary wing beats during their flight, variable LED light box. 120 x 30 cm. 2,000 Euros


Thomas Van Reghem, a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, was born in 1992 in Seine Saint Denis. He currently lives in Brussels, Belgium.

His interest in history, geopolitics and literature make him a nomadic artist in search of a new semiotic code from elsewhere. In our world doomed to perpetual metamorphosis, certain universes become the epicenters of a creation laboratory; they adapt, decompose to be recomposed.

Chaos questions life. The artist offers us a work that reaches the universal and seeks to fight against the powerlessness of the mind to correlate everything it witnesses. Marked by the dualities of construction / destruction, vision / blindness, and aware of the loss, he wants to be a passer, a relentless builder. The artist works on loss, limits.

His creations are conducive to reflection on the incessant decompositions and recompositions and the movements of rebirth. Opposed to simplicity, he chooses risk, he turns into a memory maker in amnesic lands.

He excavates the rubble by the choice of his materials and is implicated with tenacity in his role of fragmentary collection of earth, ashes, carcasses, glass, debris, remains, hair, fleeting finds to capture vulnerability. of life between the limbo of the visible.

Thomas Van Reghem grazes the underworld, like a Tiresias, a blind diviner, at the risk of arousing wounds, worries and breaking silences.

He unearths history by drawing lines to recompose, to confuse landmarks. Beyond their dimension of possibilities, these lines are only new paths dug in the debris of other paths, labyrinths of reminiscences. Memories make a polysensory world exist.

The work of Thomas Van Reghem stands out through the link between the forms and the materials he offers. They seem to have developed their own poetic vocabulary made of ruins, fire, ashes, hair, bark, leaves, butterfly wings, snow, in short, living materials. materials, sometimes collected during truly perilous or atypical adventures, are materials that breathe, live, sweat, cry, bleed.

Giving life to memory and oblivion text by Egidia Souto Lecturer at the Sorbonne.

2 000 

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