“THE PLACE”, Words Series, 2020. Bomb and Posca on a second hand chair, in leather and wood H: 95 x W: 45 x D: 42 cm. 500 euros


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The Place: a place.
Through this work and what it represents, both literally and figuratively, alina (lalala) addresses the place of women in society.

Over the generations, thanks to the battles waged and won, this place has fortunately evolved. But more needs to be done and it is up to us and future generations to continue this perilous work of gender equality.

The woman should not be the future of the man; just as the condition of women must never pass through the hands of men. Each of the two sexes must regain mutual trust, because the difference between individuals constitutes a pledge of good health for a society. It allows him to evolve and be more and more creative.
Balance must be sought, not by trying to homogenize the two sexes, but on the contrary by cultivating their differences (whether cultural or natural). The search for the essential peculiarities of women and men will undoubtedly lead to a complementarity that has not been achieved until now because the Nature / Culture duality was ignored.

Because in the end, only the freedoms, rights and duties that are identical for both sexes count.
As a wife and mother, alina (lalala) wishes to convey to her daughter the desire to make an appointment with her destiny, to take her place, her own and to sit there.