«Turborama with view»

“Turborama with view
220 x 300 cm
polypropylene, ICTA Sheath
unique piece
Storage : Brussels

Turborama is a space divider that unfolds like a curtain, functional both indoors and outdoors, as a space divider, filter, and as a shading screen. It is made from a recyclable and inexpensive plastic material, the ICTA material, the ICTA sheath, which has the particularity of being very resistant. The pipe, a technical material, usually hidden in the walls, acquires here a strong plastic presence. plastic presence. The assembly is done by hand by knotting, allowing to to create variations of rhythms, colors and density that can be deployed in multiple combinations and multiple combinations and dimensions.

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“Turborama with view”, space divider. Polypropylene, ICTA Sheath, unique piece, 220 x 300 cm.




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