“Silver Day”

“Silver Day”, 2022. Oil on linen, 60x90cm.

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A fresh, early winter day. A group of riders went to enjoy the first snow, the fresh air and the gray-white soothing glow, sound echoes in the air. A flock of crows in the trees, crowing the surround with their “musical” cawing. But this only underlines the silence that reigns in sleeping nature. There in the hills, beyond the horizon, we see the wings of the windmill. There, people bustle about in their daily work. but here there is peace, the breath of horses, the convocation of riders and a positive atmosphere. A painting for a room where we want to relax, not get excited.

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“Silver Day”, 2022. Oil on linen, 60x90cm.





Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature & Vegetal