“Solarium” (Copie)

SEPALUM table lamp.

Designed by Valerie Windeck.
The inspiration: A flower bud with faceted sepals, an astonishing pot of light, or a stylized badminton shuttlecock?
Use: Sepalum is a standing or inclined table lamp, which is available in suspension.

Material: Composite of recycled badminton shuttlecocks.
Dimension: diameter 20cm height 13cm (excluding bulb) Weight 1kg LED bulb supplied: diameter 9cm E27 220-240V MAX 7W
Manufacturing: Hull manufactured in Nantes, composed of 80% recycled badminton shuttlecock (feather, cork) and a mineral binder. Badminton shuttlecocks are collected from clubs, crushed and processed into various materials for interior fittings and furnishings. The lamp is assembled in Orléans.


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Design Marin Thuéry.

Behind the singular corolla shape of Scalaé, there is actually a table lamp. Scalaé appears as an invitation to the spectacle of a light that wakes up then disappears to sculpt the steps of this pocket amphitheater.




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