“Stoup #3”

Raphaël Emine. “Stoup # 3”, 2020. Glazed earthenware, water, cyanobacteria (Haematococcus pluvialis), 44x39x19cm. 1,200 euros


I practice sculpture by reappropriating artisanal techniques, in particular glass and ceramics. Based on an aesthetic imprinted with fantasy, video games and biology, I develop dreamlike objects around issues related to living things, the body and technology.

This production tends towards the fantastic and the marvelous. My installations can be crossed by fluids, plants or minerals and my sculptures maintain organic relationships with their environment. I thus position the work in balance between its use value and its aesthetic function.

Like a goldsmith or an illuminator, the meticulousness with which I compose my sculptures invites the viewer to decipher a multitude of details, in a profusion of forms that evoke the decorative arts.

Currently I am deepening my research related to botany and entomology in order to conceive my sculptures as independent and non-human ecosystems.

1 200 

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