“Package”, 2011. Acrylic on printed fabric, 130x130cm.


Any work of art can be interpreted as organic matter, there is an internal logic in the art object, in its composition. What particularly interests Etienne Hacquin in painting comes from the fact that the image produced on the canvas is above all an accumulation of successive interventions.

He plays on this mechanism of the painter by the repetition of standard forms which, by multiplying and switching between them, manage to create other forms, more general, more global.

Through his systematic use of superimposition, double exposure and amalgamation, Etienne Hacquin destabilizes traditional artistic and formal polarities (the so-called “supreme” art of a painting and the so-called “decorative” art of a tapestry) as well as various modernist taboos, associating the vulgar with the sacred, the reworking of commercial images with the pictorial tradition.

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“Package”, 2011. Acrylic on printed fabric, 130x130cm.