“Organe voir”

“Organ see”, 2018. Wood (plywood), camera and camera optics, glue, putty. About 60 x 50 x 160 cm. 3,500 Euros. © ADAGP Paris – 2021

Attached to a camera tripod, dozens of half-timbered pieces form a shape schematically resuming the motor organ of living things.

Each wood face is drilled and fitted with a tool lens used to record the images.

This object, close to a representation generated by digital tools, is nevertheless produced empirically: an arrangement of gestures and objects.

The individual – like some of his artifacts – is a crossroads of ebb and flow of images: we are vision organs.

“The form of a being is its function; it is its soul, the end in relation to which it is organized: if the eye were an animal, its soul would be the vision. ”

Gilbert Simondon, Cours sur la perception, 1964-65, Éditions PUF, 2013, p. 23.

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