“Notturni”, 2021. Ballpoint pen on paper, 60 x 42 cm.

Silvia Inselvini is represented by IAGA Contemporary Art

IAGA Contemporary Art is a gallery established in 2014 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The gallery, born from the entrepreneurial desire of a collector, Alberto Perobelli and specializing in contemporary art, also includes a careful selection of works of modern art, to be understood as moments of reflection on the evolution of contemporary languages and places of comparison between the various artistic researches.
IAGA boasts a collection of original artworks both by emerging and established artists and usually organizes six exhibition every year, under the management of Rosalba Di Pierro, gallery manager. IAGA Contemporary Art makes its mission to create connections between artists from all over Europe, as well as a network of artists, collectors and art experts.
The gallery promotes artists from Romania, Italy, Poland, Moldova and other countries, with a focus on young artists who are given the possibility to grow. Despite being a young gallery, IAGA is extremely active in international art market and this is demonstrated by numerous collaborations with art institutions and galleries the world over and the participation at international art fairs and events, among which Bologna Artefiera, Art Athina, Art Market Budapest, Art Thessaloniki, Art Brussels. It is worth mentioning the collaboration with renowned artist Hermann Nitsch, which resulted in a personal exhibition at the gallery own’s venue in 2017.

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“Notturni”, 2021. Ballpoint pen on paper, 60 x 42 cm.






Abstraction, Conceptuel