Marion Artense Gély. “Fantasia”, 2019. Oil painting, 162 x 114 cm. 6,400 Euros


Marion Artense Gély was born in France in 1995, she lives and works in Paris. Currently, she is resident artist at POUSH Manifesto in Clichy, graduated with a DNSEP at the École Nationale Supé-rieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) in 2020. In order to continue to nourish her research, she is currently following a double course at the Sorbonne in Art History, Archeology course.

Marion is interested in ancestral rituals, through their traces and places, by collaborating with different artists, researchers and scientists. His work is articulated between painting, photography and installation. During her wanderings on the peaks of the Hawaiian mountains, along the roads that lead to the stones of Carnac, Marion collects images of sacred places. Step by step, she activates her body to collect the fragments of what testifies to the journey taken to reach these places.

You will find the remains of a temple or the trace of a ritual by the sea, but also the smoke that emanates from too hot soil and an icy environment. What resonates in itself resonates in the image.

It is with a humble gaze on the plant, mineral, sensitive world that she comes to stage the objects that interests her. Humans seem to have deserted the spaces they photograph, and the temporality of the images is uncertain. It is a world where the elements related to the earth and the sky are sublimated and occupy a different place, existing perhaps outside the time of the Antrhopocene.

Marion plays with luminous matter: lunar, solar or artificial. Spotlight on the canvas, a light box that re-illuminates the photographic image. It reveals elusive landscapes, belonging to intermediate worlds, where materiality and spirituality are teased. Whether we are in front of his paintings or his photographs, the image is there to remind us that an event has taken place

6 400 

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