“Luminaire Lens Chandelier”

Lens Luminaire Chandelier

Through a close inquiry into an optician’s process and production, Object Density have realised the opportunity to redefine an element of waste. The Lens Luminaire seeks to reinstate the value of imperfect optical lenses, by highlighting their inherent beauty and unique distortive qualities.  

De Admirant, historically known as De Bruine Heer, formerly served as the Philips design head office, and is one of Eindhoven’s most iconic buildings. Now standing at the foot of the building is an optician & coffee cafe where Object Density learnt of the production and distribution process of high quality optical lenses.

Drawing upon the city’s history of lighting innovation, New Objectivity architecture, and the re-contextualisation of a waste stream, The Lens Luminaire is the tangible convergence of inspiration. As a physical expression of Eindhoven’s city culture – past and present, we reflect upon how this interplay may shape its future.

This chandelier was the beginning of what became the Lens Luminaire Collection, expanding into a series of table and floor lamps in 2021. This impressive piece features 154 repurposed optical lenses suspended upon a solid brass structure that houses LED lighting in each stem. With each lens distorting and reflecting the beam of light in a unique way, the installation is endlessly mesmerizing to explore.

This piece is hand finished and assembled by our team in Eindhoven, NL, with all brass sealed with a microcrystalline wax. Due to the scale of this work we require a 12 – 16 week lead time for production. 


Dimensions: 1400 x 580 x 940 mm

Weight: 20.5 kg (approx.)

Custom & flexible installation as per ceiling requirements. 


24V LED Strip, warm white (3000K), 1300lm/m 

Brass/Optical Lenses/ Aluminum/ Steel Cable / Nylon

Crate and transport. Contact us

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