“Lorsque les polygones fuient,  leurs constructions prennent l’eau”

“When polygons flee, their constructions take on water”, 2020. Pencil, ink, alcohol, 25 x 25 cm. 300 Euros / Each (unframed)

This series of twenty drawings deals literally and poetically with the relationship I can find between the form and the informal. On the one hand I play with the rigor of geometry and on the other I experience the elusive diluted alcohol. This leads to a kind of dialogue between what is determined and what is indeterminate. It may seem paradoxical, but to me, these normally antonymic conceptions form an indivisible whole.

To be more descriptive, each drawing in this series represents a regular polygon and its construction lines. The latter is done only with the help of a ruler and a compass. The first therefore represents a digone and the last an icosagon. Once this figure is done, I spray a shower of very diluted alcohol (so as not to attack the paper too much) which will randomly liquefy the line on the surface on the paper.


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