“Les architectures de l’ombre II.III”

“Les architectures de l’ombre II.III”

90 x 60 cm, photograph on Fuji DPII Gloss 250 mg silver paper, mounted on Dibond aluminum, protected with 2mm glossy acrylic glass. 2020. Numbered edition of 5 copies. 1000 Euros.

Possibility of a 45 x 30 cm print. 600 euros.

In her “Architectures of Shadow”, the artist creates imaginary architectures, which she illuminates and stages through her photographs.

“Architectures of Shadow” brings together fields dear to her, such as design, architecture and photography. Her “architectures” become airy and modular elements, as she plays at blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces, open and closed, opaque, transparent and translucent.

Light is at the center of her approach, and comes into contact with different materials, such as paper, metal and Plexiglas – sculpted, assembled or simply posed. From their meeting is born a play of shapes and colored shadows that evolve through time and luminosity.

1 000 

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