“Le Coeur Léger 9”

“Le Coeur Léger 9”, 2021. Silver print on fine art paper laminated with dibond, 60 x 90 cm. 1 200 Euros

Other prints available:
40 x 60 cm / 650 Euros
80 x 120 cm / 2 000 Euros

Letter to Camille

Self-portrait / portrait and still life diptychs

My baby, the first of the self-portraits, we were no longer allowed to go out, we both put on weight, confined, with a light heart,

my baby, portraits of us, still lifes very alive, flower and gelatin, always, the light crosses, again, the light heart,

my baby, let’s open the window, the bad memories fly away, you are finally here, the light, the colors, have never been so warm, a light heart,

my baby, film, digital, collages, polaroids, graphics … whatever the process, the act of creation is done instinctively, with a smile on your face, a light heart,

my baby this time the work is more raw, less bordered, without limit, the light burns, the color overflows, the light heart,

my baby, I wish you a bright life, a colorful life, live your life with a light heart. ”

1 200 

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“Le Coeur Léger 9”