« La mélancolie » (série Rose des Vents)

“Melancholy” (Rose des Vents series), 2018. Fine art print, anchor jet, Epson Black and White, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White paper, certified, 100% cotton, 51x51cm. Ed of 20ex. 990 Euros

Other formats available (non-contact):

Print 76x76cm, Ed of 15ex. 1,520 Euros

Print 92x92cm, Ed of 15ex. 2,090 Euros


During this project, suddenly it started to snow, yet the weather was not telling. This mini storm took us all by surprise. After a few seconds of stunned emptiness, I picked up my camera and rushed to my stomach. I saw, lying on the ground, a light which tried to cross these white flakes. She gave a sparkle, a shine to those water stars that landed on us. The mood of that moment suddenly enveloped us. I cried. I tried to look through the camera viewfinder, but tears kept me from seeing it clearly. I quickly asked Laurence to emerge from the forest and run for the plane. I felt the rush wouldn’t last. So she started running out of the forest. She opened her arms as she approached the aviator. They almost touched as she slid across the snow dragging her fictional lover into the fall. The cliché that came out of it is precisely in the series.

Isabelle Paradis


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