“Hexagone- Massy,  Versatilité́ des lignes topologiques ou comme l’eau, tout suit le chemin de moindre résistance”

“Hexagon-Massy, ​​Versatility of topological lines or like water, everything follows the path of least resistance”, 2020. Pencil, ink, gum arabic, alcohol, pigments, silver powder. 110 x 220 cm. 4,500 Euros (unframed)

This work is from a series called Hexagone-Massy. She is the cousin of the Rapture of Vitellion or the Vitrum Trigonum which I have already told you about. I also mentioned my serial approach to my work and my way of looking at it. Here, the rigorous design which served as the basis for this series is confronted with a colorful impression. It is applied in a way evoked a cloud or rather a colored exhalation. In this way, I link in this drawing the formal rigor of this line to a colored impression generated by fragrant memories. Often in my work it is a question of synesthesia which binds the senses to each other. I have already referred to the haptic side of my work but I can link smells to colors like in this drawing which partly reveals the colors I could smell while wandering in Massy.

This drawing again shows a false paradox which would consist in opposing the structure generated by rules to abandonment, to letting go and flanery. In a way, that fits pretty well with the way I organize my wanderings.

4 500 

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