“Ontopologies I à VIII”

“Ontopologies I to VIII”, 2018-2019. Engravings, 75x105cm. 950 Euros / unit. Engravings printed on BFK Rives 300g. 5 copies. Photo credit Julie Aybes (exhibition view)

The title of this series, ontos-être and topos-le lieu, is a word composed by Jacques Derrida, used in “Except the name” published by Galileo in 1993. It refers to “the ontological value of being by in relation to its situation, to the stable and present determination of a locality, the topos of a territory ”. The ontopology would be twofold here. Ontopology first of all as the place of being, the body, and even more precisely the eye, a singularly immutable zone from birth to death, a physiological synthesis of what constitutes our identity. Then ontopology as being in its place, here represented by a spatial arrangement of the sections of the optical apparatus moving in a viewfinder (embossing), accompanied by appositions of letters with graphite lead. The letters each refer precisely to an individual, near or far, known or unknown. They form a personal geography, from the root of the eye to the aim, a connection between the being and the other individuals who accompany him physically, intellectually or spiritually.

Each print bears the name of the poetic space in which this network of people represented by the letters takes place: Ontopology I – the axiom; Ontopology II – memory; Ontopology III – reflection; Ontopology IV – the focal; Ontopology V – molt; Ontopology VI – a diaphragm; Ontopology VII – a lens; Ontopology VIII – the shutter.


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