“Food chain of emotion”

“Food chain of emotion”, 2022. Aquarium/air pump/programming.

The program grabs the most searched Weibo, and this Weibo information is analyzed by artificial intelligence to generate various parameters, such as degree of positive, negative or neutral trend of emotion, Weibo popularity and user trust. intelligence on the judgment of emotions. Emotions and their parameters generate emojis of three emotions, and emotions parameters determine the type, quantity, size, lifetime and other elements of emoji. The three emojis of sadness, anger and joy attack and devour each other. Over time, they will evolve, mutate, split, spawn, disguise, die and even form an array. Can human emotions in the Internet world form an ecosystem?
Live audience data is captured by infrared sensors and a fourth emoji is generated, which is mutated by the influence of other emotional cells and participates in the ecosystem.
The work can be seen as a public mood thermometer or “weather forecast” on the Internet, aimed at inspiring people to think about the possibility of regulating, predicting and even intervening in a public mood. Will a creature that can manipulate and interfere with the public’s mood appear in the future?

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“Food chain of emotion”, 2022. Aquarium/air pump/programming.




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