“Ewening Still Life”

“Ewening Still Life”, 2019. oil on linen, 65 x 55cm.


2021. Rundale Multicultural Arts Center , Solo Show
.Iecava Culture Hall, Solo Show , City Day Celebration


Still life. However, it is brimming with life. Butterflies like a live flowers, insects, everything breathes and lives in this little world. The painting rests of Early Renaissance Art and is a mix of ancient and modern. Pay attention to the butterfly , that landed on the shadow of the jug’s neck by mistake (an interesting little joke). Tatyana’s shimmering – warm gray and shadows that are soft and soothing. You want to study the painting to the last small detail, and then find a small beetle on the leg of the pedestal. Such a work of art will never cause negativity in your home, but will bring peace and warmth.

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“Ewening Still Life”, 2019. oil on linen, 65 x 55cm.





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