“Élégies de Duino”

“Élégies de Duino”, 2020. Three etchings on book pages. © ADAGP Paris, 2021.

Available in two copies: black, black and red China ink heightened. Triptych. Size of subjects 8 cm x 13 cm. Work delivered with flat frame edged in pewter measuring 9 cm x 17 cm. Assembly with master key and English bevel, anti-acid conservation card. Anti-reflective and anti-UV glass (protection greater than 90%).

So many stars invited you to discover them. Duino’s first elegy. Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke began writing “The Elegies of the Duino” at Duino Castle, near Trieste, Italy.
This collection of ten elegies was written for ten years and completed in Valais, in French-speaking Switzerland, at the Château de Muzot. I made a triptych in etching uniting the castles and celebrating in the center, RMR, turned towards the sky and its welcoming stars. As a support for the engraving, I chose a rather rare edition of Élégies, that of Georges Fall, creator of Éditions Falaize and of which it is the first book published, in 1949.

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