“Downtown #08”

“Downtown #08”, 2013. Photograph printed on Plexiglas, 60 x 80 cm.

How to manipulate the graphic and rhythmic elements of the city to bring out an aesthetic cohesion, to find a part of spirituality and contemplation in this heterogeneous and cold set of iron and concrete?

Working from photographs of buildings tending towards geometric abstraction, buildings synthesized as “point(s) and line(s) on plane”, I attempt to materialize a new expanding abstract space.

By building the image around a central core of emptiness, different displacements (symmetries, rotations) will participate in the development of a new geometrical whole, a constructed space often taking on the appearance of a motif close to the mandala. Placed in the midst of silence, this new architectural form built on itself, emerged from chaos and self-elaborated calls for contemplation “in the center of oneself” and the contemplation of a natural geometric order close to fractal figures.

Batiste Perron

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“Downtown #08”, 2013. Photograph printed on Plexiglas, 60 x 80 cm.