“Crete Tune 2nd (Series Music)”

“Crete Tune 2nd (Series Music)”, 2010. Oil on linen, 80x90cm.

2012. march. Gallery Agora New York
2013.Broadcast TV ReTVmovie “Personalities” ReTV Latvia2013
2013.”Cesis Museum Exhibition Hall” jan.Retrospective Solo Show.
2013. Rietumu Bank Exhibition Hall (RCC)may.8-31.Riga
2013.Art House”Juras Varti” -Ventspils- Solo Show , Dec.jan,2013/14
2014.Regional Museum “Rezekne”Retrospective SoloShow-oct.2014.
2015. Iecava Culture Hall- Solo Show in Homeland- feb.2015.
2015.Bauska Museum- Latvia- Retrospective-march/april 2015.
2015. Valmiera Museum- Retrospective- oct.2015.
2013.Culture News “Cesis”2013.jan.9.

Greece, the island of Crete. Soft, white, grey colors with some interesting contrasts. The performance of the painting takes place in the space, invented by the artist, as if in the ruins of the castle of Knossos, as if on the shore of the Mediterranean. The place is surreal and real at the same time. The harpist plays her harp, which resonates with the sailing ship in its background, in the sea, and the instrument as a ship’s sail, with a flying pennant on the mast. A whole group of living creatures have gathered to enjoy this fabulous, music and good-natured mood. Stray and owner’s dogs, the famous Cretan cats and wood doves, which this time are busy picking up scattered grains and have no time for music. Everything is in motion, in the sounds of music, and at the same time filled with love and positivity. We want to be there and sit down and watch and listen to the sound of the Sea and the Music.

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“Crete Tune 2nd (Series Music)”, 2010. Oil on linen, 80x90cm.





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