“BLOWINDOW – Paris”. Milan, 2018, 14,5 x 19,5 x 0,7 cm. Tracing paper, white and black laser print, silver paper. “Filo refe” hand-bound with silver wire.



As the breath mists up a glass too close to our gaze, so the opalescent display cases conceal its contents.

The eye is lost in the paradoxical enjoyment of not focusing, in observing an incognito action, a momentary disappearance of simulated presences.

In the 2018 I partecipated to the Ass Book Fair in the Palais De Tokyo, Paris. To translate into a book the perception of the blurred windows, the series was printed on tracing paper.

Even with the book closed, it is possible to glimpse the different levels inside it. leafing through it instead, the transparency is dictated by the movement of the hand that appears and disappears like the images inside.


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