“Black.From series Rainbow”

“Black.From series Rainbow”, 2017. Oil on linen, 63x86cm.


2019.Regional Museum “Rezekne”Retrospective SoloShow
2019. Iecava Culture Hall- Solo Show in Homeland
2019.Bauska Museum- Latvia- Retrospective
2018-2023, In Internet Pages


Black .This is the basic color ,and not a color.
Because Black many Centuries dominated in classical Still Lifes like a Background.
Draw attention to small details and small hidden creatures living in the painting. Birds , KingFisher, perfectly underlines the all Rainbow colours and dynamics of the micro-world shown in the painting.Find the birds hidden in the painting and other little creatures.

Series Rainbow Story – 7 rainbow colors and two basic colors (White and Black).

The idea of painting Series was an artist’s long-established dream. In ninetees, a series of figural compositions was realized. But Still Life’s was not created , which was postponed. The Master realized this idea in three years 2017-2019. Each color of the rainbow, is realised to its own painting. In each painting (as in the T.Palchuk’s works it is accepted) live a lot of small living beings and, according to the color specially selected birds. Painting items are also matched to their rainbow color. There are many objects in the compositions that are a complex compositional task. The painter has done it great and the result is fantastic. There is a whole symphony of colors, positivism and joy of life.

In paintings by T.Palchuk, Drapery always plays a big role. Just like in the works of the Early Renaissance Masters. You can see it well in the cathedrals of Europe, and in the walls of the Vatican, in fresco paintings. T.Palchuk, do it masterly and modern, retaining the link with European historical art.



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“Black.From series Rainbow”, 2017. Oil on linen, 63x86cm.






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