“Quand empiler des poutres de façon abstraite fait tourner la roue des couleurs”

“When stacking beams in an abstract way turns the color wheel”, 2019. Acrylic painting, 1000 x 600 cm. (In-situ work, price on request)

This work is a mural painted in Marseille in 2019 during an event whose theme was the Masquerade. To answer this word, I decided to work on impossible figures like the Penrose triangle which mathematician Roger Penrose described in the 1950s but which was invented by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd. I chose for this context, a figure much less known and whose impossibility is more difficult to observe. It is a simple confusion of paths that makes this construction impossible. This makes it possible to suggest a paradox and contradictory feelings to the person who attends the work. Just like the masquerade, which is a festive event and which tends to denounce a heavy reality by turning social codes upside down, with this figure, I am trying to say that our representation of reality can also be turned upside down. In this way we can develop new territories that can be imprinted only by thought. The colors I used to paint are very vivid. I chose it with the idea of ​​using signage codes to amplify its visibility but also to stay within the lexical field of the party. It should be visible from afar and create an appeal. This painting wants to unite people in order to promote exchanges and create links.