“Au travers, des bois n°1”

Vincent Laval. Across, woods n ° 1, 2021. Wood (chestnut), 3.20 x 2.70 x 0.8 m. 7,000 Euros


Vincent Laval’s work is above all that of an artist-walker. If this is physically materialized by sculptures and photographs, its essence is drawn from the careful observation of the savage through steps in nature.

Mainly in the heart of the forest, because it brings together an immense variety of living and non-living elements, he is in search of markers of balance or, on the contrary, of imbalance of these elements. He looks for the signs of the times, they are everywhere because here the seasons are king, but there are signs stronger than others; traces left which mark the gaze, which mark the thoughts, which mark the heart.

So the artist goes to the depths of the woods, without knowing what guides him, perhaps what part of intuition we have left, and he waits for his hitherto dormant senses to wake up with a start. This is where his work as a gatherer begins. Sometimes pieces of trees, sometimes stones, sometimes moments, he draws materials, images and emotions from the heart of the forest which will then become sculptures or photographs. His work therefore represents this duality with which he is confronted, to be on the thread of two worlds; that of the savage and that which we created.

7 000 

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