“Attendre, Patienter et entrer dans le temps, Géographies, ciels de  territoires égarés ou vagabondage en couleurs inconnues”

“To wait, To wait and to enter in time, Geographies, skies of lost territories or vagrancy in unknown colors”, 2020. Pencil, ink, chalk, pigment and powders of precious metals, 44.5 x 54.5 cm. 600 Euros each (1 and 3 available)

This series of seven drawings is an echo of Waiting, Waiting and entering in time or getting lost in the rhumb lines of the Carta Pisana, it is about exploiting exactly the same themes but in a polyptych of seven smaller works. . As I have already said, it is about the studies of Ptolemy on geocentrism as well as on the portulans which are medieval charts of navigation. However, the report to Portulan is less supported. These works are more focused on the notion of territory to be explored. The desire to project oneself into a mental landscape is the goal. These themes served as a pretext to compose territories where I would like to be and wander. These are dream landscapes. Places of projection where the mind wanders. These drawings are an ode to contemplation. You have to let yourself go to look at the drawing without noticing it. That is to say not to focus on the details but to let yourself be taken entirely by these landscapes which are above all atmospheres; sets that listen to, touch, feel, taste and look at each other to finally think of each other.


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