“Attendre, Patienter et entrer dans le temps – Cosmogonie 1, 2 et 3 ou comment faire des courbes avec des droites”

“Wait, Wait and enter time – Cosmogony 1, 2 and 3 or how to make curves with straight lines”, 2020. Pencil, ink, graphite, 70.5 x 266 cm. Framed triptych 4,500 Euros.

This work is the result of a series of drawings started in early 2020 whose title is Waiting, Waiting and Entering Time. It is a triptych. The three drawings are hung horizontally at eye level and aligned with the bottom of the frame. The reading order of these drawings is from left to right with in order the drawing represented by the photo number 1 the following by the number 2 and finally the number 3. The dimensions of each element are of different sizes which are :

– the drawing on the left (n ° 1) 70.5 / 78cm.

– the central drawing (n ° 2) 51 / 66cm.

– the drawing on the right (n ° 3) 70.5 / 78cm.

The gap between the designs is 20cm.

This whole series originates from Ptolemy’s studies on geocentrism. He describes the way in which the stars revolve around the Earth according to a system of epicycles. These studies allowed, among other things, to explain why the drawings that form the trajectory of the closest planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars), are made up of circles rotating on themselves and going back and forth. This triptych is an interpretation of the readings of these studies. It is a look at the heavens that attempts to artistically materialize the forces that give movement to the stars of the universe.

In these drawings, the degree of rotation that I put in place in order to rotate the reference shape which is a square is such that the sum of the squares draws curves of which I have no complete control over the convolutions. By this I wish to bring an organic aspect to this drawing. It is also a way of saying that the physical laws that govern us are rigid but also organic or more simply living. This desire to link concepts echoes the choice of paper with a haptic surface. This is an Arche paper with a cloth grain and a grammage of 300g / m2.

With this Triptych I want to link the rigor of the line, of mathematics with the body and the curves that draw it.

4 500 

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