“Anima Matter 8”

“Anima Matter 8”. Print on dibond laminated fine art paper. 40x60cm.

Anima Matter * Photos Emilie Moysson

Respond to the invitation to jump, the triangle seal, the rectangle seal, the round seal, all red seals. Transparent seals sealing the advent of the possible, of the elsewhere, of the elsewhere right there, an elsewhere there. Not the essence of the world, nor a hinterland, nor a beyond, but a simultaneous world, which can emerge, which could virtually exist, which can, where the landscape is shaped. A kind of constructivism of immanence.

So these are photos of resilience and resuscitation in a certain way, anima in the sense of the breath of the soul, infusing what animates, that we find a window!

Look, there is the outside and the inside of the pastille (form) but it’s a whole, everything is inside, intrinsic. Under the gelatin and the glass, the landscape, under the landscape the beach, on the beach the paving stones, red, blue, and translucent. Lucid through the blues. Glowing through the merry. A call for air

Whether physical, fingers in acrylic, pigment on the hands and feeling the space in the fingers, finding the fourth dimension of refuge. In search of what can make powder, powder in the eyes which makes visible, and what can make body color, physical graphic space, and everything is transparent, it lets see, it does not block, never. Liberate one flow among others, in the arrangement affix the space of desire that overflows or that encumbers. The blood pigment is alive even acrylic. At my sign, dive

in the form you think it sticks but it’s just posed, affixed, in an ephemeral act on strata of photographs like layers of earthen soil sediments, and then there there yes there a space superimposed, encrusted, fixed in the he original image thanks to an ultimate photograph, still analogue, the one that captures its whole giving the event an unprecedented dimension: an eternity, a permanence, an independence in relation to what is, has been, has or has not happened.
Photographs of acts performed not to act, but to feel, re-feel. With keys to existence, key characters, times.

Happiness in bar. And in triangle, and round. Porous life what.

*Anima: breath, soul
Matter: matter, question, importance


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“Anima Matter 8”. Print on dibond laminated fine art paper. 40x60cm.




Fine art


Abstraction, Realism, Surrealism