“AMAZONIA”, Words Series, 2020. Acrylic and spray paint on second hand wooden panel, 60 x 40 cm. 300 Euros


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The lungs of our planet, and its deforestation continues to accelerate and it is gradually bringing the Amazon closer to a point of no return; that is, the moment when the tropical forest will no longer produce enough rain to maintain and regenerate.

According to several scientists this will be the case if it exceeds 20 or 25% deforestation. At present, the world’s lung has lost 17% of its original area.

Ecological problems, (over) consumption and business have no borders… Jaïr Bolsonaro, the Brazilian president is certainly responsible, but not only: by importing wood, meat and soybeans to feed the animals of breeding, Europe plays a role in this drama.

AMAZONIA expresses the urgency to save this unique and precious ecosystem for the whole world: the Amazon rainforest.
It is represented here, thanks to the choice of the support (vertical wooden planks) and to the work done with the medium. In the center, this red rectangle not only refers to an agricultural field, but also symbolizes its burning heart, both literally and figuratively.