“Sans titre”

Agathe Groleau. “Untitled”, 2021. Woven acrylic painting, 74 x 50 cm. 1,400 Euros


Born in Paris in 1996, Agathe Groleau is a painter. Attracted by the work of the big names in abstract, minimalist or surface support painting, she was quickly intrigued by the question of support, gestures and pictoriality. These great principles of abstraction led him to conceive of painting in its physical state and to develop a deeply heuristic practice. The materiality of painting then becomes the essence of her work: she considers that despite the sacralization of painting, it does not escape the laws of nature.

From this naturally follows a range of experimentation, processes, protocols, which test the physical limits of the material such as its resistance, its weightlessness, its tension … She sews, braids and weaves paint, removes the canvas. She thus integrates the exhibition space into her mechanisms by using the white wall as a full color of the painting, the shadows cast as changing patterns. His work lies in the minimalist harmonization of these vectors, some random, others precisely chosen, and thus tends towards a new approach to painting.

1 400 

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