Discover on Maison Contemporain a selection of 3,000 artworks from emerging and recognized French and international artists. Below, a first selection of 250 artworks. To find out more, don’t hesitate to refresh your page.

If you have any questions about a work or an artist offered on Maison Contemporain, we remain at your entire disposal.

In a few months and despite the health crisis and the lockdown, Maison contemporain has already enabled numerous acquisitions for artists such as

Valérie Belin, Adrian Caicedo, Marcelino Stuhmer, Caroline Ebin, Charlotte Denamur, Jeanne Varaldi, Martin Faure, Alexia Chevrollier, Nicolas Chardon, Guillaume Colussi, Crummy Gummy, Valentina Canseco, Victor de Rossi, Gala Martinoia, Juliette Lamarca, Anne-Juliette Deschamps, John Hamon, Gaëtan Henrioux,  Izabela Kowalczyk,  ND-Elle, Florence Léoni, Hugo Schüwer Boss, Jeanne Susplugas, Natalie Westbrook, Maud Flamand, Jade Flamand, Marie Larrivé, Gladys Nistor, Rachel Krief, Vincent Mésaros , Cécile Tuloup & Thomas Wattebled.

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